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How Long do Helium Balloons Float?

Latex Balloons in STandard sizes 28cm/30cm will float on average 12-14 hours. They can be effected by temperature, the warmer it is their float time will reduce. Latex Helium Balloons can also oxidise in warm outside temperatures (lose their sheen. Clear Balloons will go cloudy in warm conditions). The larger the Latex Helium Balloon the longer the float time. We can put HIFloat in to Latex Helium Balloons to increase their float time, please ask us if you wish to this to be added to your balloons, an additioanl charge of .75c per balloon is applicable.


Do you deliver Hire Goods?

Yes we can deliver any of your Hire Good requirements. Charges apply for the delivery & collection. Please contact us and let us know your suburb and we can advise these charges. Additional charges apply for out of business hours, weekends or public holidays for delivery and collection charges P.O.A.

Marquees can only be installed by our staff for your event, we do not have a Dry Hire option for Marquees. Additional charges apply for our Marquees if we are to supply weights, install on uneven surfaces, cart our marquee long distance due to no access for our vehicles or the space for install is very awkward or limited. Please discuss all your requirements with our staff.


What if we Break or Damage any of the Hire Goods?

If you Break / Damage or do not return some of the Hire Goods then Replacement Charges will apply. The Hire Bond payment will go towards the Replacement Charge, if the damage succeeds the Bond Paid by the Hirer then the additional charge will be required to be paid by the Hirer.


Do you do Balloon Deliveries?

Yes we can deliver and install Balloons for your event. Delivery Charges apply, please contact us and we can advise the costs for deliveries. 


How long do Foil Balloons Float?

Foil Balloons can float with helium for several days. The gas has a lot more trouble escaping from a foil balloon. Heat & Cool temperatures can effect Foil Balloons, cool temps can make Foil Balloons go soft and warm/hot temps can make Foil Balloons expand and burst their seams. Foil Balloons need to be kept in a controlled environment. Foil Balloons can also be refilled with Helium.


What do we have to Return Cleaned if Hiring?

All glasses, crockery, cutlery etc must be returned Clean to us otherwise a Cleaning Charge is applicable. Linen is laundered by us and this fee is included in the Hire charge. Please do not bag linen when it is wet from drink spillage etc as the Linen will go mouldy, please let it air dry before bagging for its return. Replacement charges are applicable for all our Linen if we cannot remove any stains including mould. Wax Candles are not to be used on our Linen Cloths at any time.


How does Hiring Helium work to inflate Balloons?

We Hire out Helium (Balloon Gas) so that you can inflate your own balloons or balloons you may have purchased through our store.

We ask you how many balloons you would like to inflate approximately and make sure that we supply you enough gas plus extra. When the cylinder is returned to us we charge you for what you have used by measuring the gas in the bottle on the return. Gas Tap Hire & Hire Bond are payable on collection, balloon gas used is paid for on the return.